MaD Metamorphosis Summit Agenda



3:00pm - Check-In

5:00pm - Intro & Acknowledgement: No Longer the Face
No Longer the Face is the benefiting local non-profit of The MaD Metamorphosis Summit. Nine or more women will be attending (one of which you can sponsor!). These are women who are / have been victims of domestic violence. Learn more about No Longer the Face here.

6:00pm - "Imagine a Girl Who" Theatrical Presentation and Silent Auction [ OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. TIX: $50 ]

Enjoy this one-woman show of a woman's journey through her own phases of metamorphosis. Additionally, peruse our fun silent auction items - all to benefit our No Longer the Face non-profit. These tickets are included for those who are attending the entire MaD Metamorphosis Summit. Otherwise, the public can purchase tickets at $50 for this portion of the Summit.

Silent Auction: to donate items for the silent auction, please contact us

Sacred Circle
This is where we set our intention for the weekend. It is a gathering of souls, a connecting of hearts and a sharing of minds. This is also where we will ensure we create a safe space for you to do these things. What's shared at The Summit - stays at The Summit.



7:30am - The Awakening
Sunrise Meditation and QiGong (pronounced "Chee-gong"). Connect with your breath, connect with nature and connect with you. Attire: comfortable stretching clothes. 

9:00am - Opening Session: "Imagine a Girl Who" Workshop
In this session, we'll have lots of exercises, engagement with each other and sharing of information. This is about learning to love your story. Our guest speakers from Canfield will talk about topics like taking 100% responsibility for our intentions, actions and thoughts. 

"Imagine a Girl Who" Storycrafting (Part 1)
This is an opportunity to dive into your journal and craft your story. We'll also have some interaction with eachother, sharing stories and learning to focus on "The One Thing."


Love You in the Mirror Lunch
This is where we'll learn to love ourselves in the mirror, as well as to extract the "message from the mess."

"Imagine a Girl Who" Storycrafting (Part 2)
This is where you'll pick your "One Thing." This is about loving your story.

VIP Metamorphosis Dinner
If you purchased the VIP upgrade, you will be invited to tonight's VIP Metamorphosis Dinner. If not, please enjoy dinner on your own in the area. Attire: come as you are.

Fireside Chat

8:00pm - Fireside Storytelling
Everyone has had a chance to write out their story. Now you'll have the opportunity to express it while sitting around the fire. Share what you've learned about you from the story that you told about you. This is "The Epiphany."


7:30am - Sunrise Meditation & QiGong
Suncloud meditation outside. Attire: comfortable, stretching clothes. 

9:00am - 4C Your Future Workshop
Break down the 4C's: Communication, Commitment, Creation and Charity. Participants will learn their own Power Words - words that stimulate, empower and motivate you. 
Guest Speaker: To Be Revealed

4C Your Future + "Imagine a Girl Who" Storycrafting (Part 3)

Lunch & Brain Power

A reinforcement

My Energy (M.E.) Unleashed
Heart hearing and mind managing. How to call upon your tools and resources. 

Wrap-up & Debrief



Vision Book Party - Sat.png

7:00pm - The MaD Metamorphosis Summit Vision Book Party: [ OPEN TO THE PUBLIC: Tix $50.00. Included in Summit Particpant's registration ].

Saturday Wine Down Moment


9:00am - Morning Miracle Meditation & Affirmation
We'll reflect on where we are now. Who are you now that you were not when you came here? What will you leave and what will you take away? 

Time to pack!


Butterfly Release.jpg

Brunch Ceremony & Butterfly Release! [ Open to the Public ]
This is the event you want your friends and family to be there for! This ceremony is a special celebration, honoring your growth during the weekend and your fresh perspective moving forward. We can't tell you all the secrets of this touching finale to our 3-day Summit, but the Butterfly Release should be a lovely indication!

ATTIRE: "Come as You'll Be" 
Who have you created yourself to be 5 years from now? Have you written a book? Do you have a new dream job, new relationship? Attire: Cocktail - be fabulous you (5 years from now)!