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Ready for A MADNIFICENT TRANSFORMATION in your mother-daughter relationship?

JOIN US FOR THE 2019 ‘roots with wings’ mother and daughter retreat.

Join us for a transformative weekend in the Asheville Mountains that will guide you to more vibrant relationships with your mothers, daughters, sisters and self.

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MaD Miracles Metamorphosis Programs

Before we begin your MaDnificent Transformation, we'll have a free 30‐minute consultation session to introduce the coaching process. After this, the Coach and the Client can discuss entering into a coaching relationship. Schedule your Consultation today.

M.E. Metamorphosis™
90-Day Intensive Program

Begin your Metamorphosis with 12 coaching sessions over a three month period. During this program you will break through barriers of limited beliefs, learn affirmations for self-love, manifest desired intentions, and create a strategic plan to maintain focused attention through the transformational process.

M.E. Management™
180-Day program

Continue your transformation with our advanced coaching program. This option includes all four phases in our 90-Day intensive with deeper development of Stage 3 & 4 over 6 months. Specific attention is given to creating success strategies employing the Energy Empowerment Formula during the six month intensive.


This program is designed for high-level achievement within a year. Laser focus is given to completely transform patterns of thoughts, behaviors, and agreements made over your lifetime. This level also is an apprenticeship level for those seeking to develop Energy Empowerment Coaching skills and Certification.

Mad Miracles, Jaaz Jones, and Genia Jones-Hale are a powerful blessing. I find that the Facebook Live chats and Mad Miracles Brunch sessions always speak to the spiritual breakthrough that I’m seeking. A recent brunch session on “thought” where group members partnered up for an exercise was profound for me. In every case the person with a negative thought, such as “I am lack” wavered and was weaker compared to the stronger idea that their partner held like “I am love.”
— Adrianne Murchison
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“Transformation is a process, change
is a result…Enjoy the process!”

- Jaazism




  • Seven 45 minute keynote addresses to choose from
  • Additional Topics can be requested 


  • Workshops: Half-day to 2-day presentation
  • Retreats: 3-7 day retreat


  • Engage energy
  • Enhance interaction 


  • Life Transition & Transformation - MAD Metamorphisis Process
  • Wellness - W.E.L.L.
  • Effective Communication - 4 C Your Future
  • Customer Service - 4 C Your Future
  • Conflict Resolution - ME Managment 
  • Goal Setting - 4 C Your Future
  • Time (ME Management) - ME Management
  • Stress Management - ME Unleashed
  • Relationship Enrichment - How to Fly
  • Inquire for additional topics not listed.