Our Story

Jaaz and Genia’s journey is a living testament that tragedy can transform into triumph and inside of the MaDness there are Miracles to be manifested. They are true examples of their mission, “Living a life of joy through the transformation of love.” Through their practiced philosophy, “Our feelings matter, our thinking makes the difference,” they have enhanced their own lives and relationship as well as numerous other individual lives and relationships, with their signature transformation training program, MaD Metamorphosis.

Developed from their own education, experiences and years of training, studies, certifications and coaching intensives. Over the years, the duo has facilitated transformational workshops, seminars, retreats and training developments for a broad and diverse group of individuals, business and organizations. They are committed to transforming the world with love, one relationship at a time - beginning with “Self-Love.”


MaD Miracles is here to promote and develop self-love, self-awareness, and self-empowerment among teen girls and women through effective communication, critical thinking, emotional intelligence strategies, and energy healing management.


"Thought made manifest with the full brilliance of beauty and love in vision is the highest compliment our imagination can give to truth."

- Jaazism


Jaaz "Energy Mogul" Jones


Speaker | Transformation Specialist | Reiki Master | Energy Empowerment Coach 

Jaaz is committed to helping teen girls, adult women, and all light seekers transform their pains, problems and fears into a platform of powerful possibilities. With her unique training she has the ability to guide a class through enlightened transformations and bring individuals into their power by helping them master focused attention. Using the tools and techniques in her signature Miracle Minded Transformation Training, Jaaz helps women enrich their relationships and elevate their joy quotient through workshops, retreats, boot camps, and seminars.

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As a Curriculum Developer, Transformational Trainer, Reiki Master and Energy Empowerment Coach, Jaaz has successfully served a broad and diverse demographic. Excelling in the areas of transformation, personal growth and professional development, from high ranking corporate execs, to at risk youth; standing at the crossroad of reinvention. Her remarkable achievements span over 20 years, with such notable companies and organizations as, Penseke Automotive Group, Valero Energy, Continental Airlines, University of Texas at Austin, Huston-Tillotson University, Georgia State University, Girl Scouts of America, Planned Parenthood, eWomen, Hillside Chapel and International Truth Center and a host of other transformational students.

CHI*Up with Jaaz is her new energy revving and releasing program designed to help individuals remove the blocks to their energy flow, increase vitality, move more dynamically and live more intentional fulfilling lives. CHI*Up programs include M.E. Management Workshops and M.E. Unleashed Intensive - a living W.E.L.L. system of coaching, workshops and revitalization retreats. Learn More →

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Genia "Be You" Jones-Hale

Austin MaD Getaway 076.JPG

Master Teacher | Author | Education Developer | Youth Advocate

Genia, co-founder, is a Miracle Minded butterfly on a mission to spread worldwide love. Holding a master’s in education with an emphasis on creating a holistic environment, Genia has successfully created diverse learning atmospheres that increase retention, build interactive communities, and enhances the overall lifestyle of participants. With over 10 years’ experience in curriculum development and teaching Genia is dedicated to serving the needs of all students, from early childhood through adult continuing education, based on their learning styles. 

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Her passion for teens and research leads her to focus on how creating a blend of different instructional strategies can affect critical thinking skills amongst teens in a life skills course within the Miracle Minded Metamorphosis training with MaD Miracles. Genia has merged critical thinking activities into the curriculum to emphasis how these approaches can assist teen girls with problem solving.

Genia’s instructional design work has received stellar reviews from both, the corporate and educational community, creating innovative modules that are engaging, easy to follow and power-packed for high achievement in performance. Genia has provided instructional design for such elite companies as, Dell Computers, Total Safety and Penske Automotive Group.

Genia couldn't be more excited to be currently writing her first series of children’s books inspired by the Miracle Minded Metamorphosis curriculum she assisted in developing with Jaaz for MaD Miracles. Be on the lookout because that next butterfly that crosses your path, or lights on your shoulder could be a Miracle Minded butterfly sprinkling a little pollen of love on your life!

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By Genia Jones-Hale
By Genia J Hale

  • I’ve gained pure clarity and focus for living my truth and manifesting my dreams by applying the simple yet powerful Energy Empowerment Formula I learned from Jaaz! Thank you for giving me back to me.
    — J.G. Austin, TX
  • From my first session I achieved immediate results. It’s one of the greatest investments I’ve made in myself.
    — T.C. Atlanta, GA
  • The simple formula and insightful wisdom from coaching with Jaaz allowed me to uncover/remove a lifetime of limitations.
    — R.I. Seattle, WA
  • The 'Imagine a girl who" portion of the MaD Metamorphosis taught me how the weight of judgement was blocking my ability to see my mother unconditionally...which allowed me to feel basic human compassion for a strong women forced to travel a difficult journey. It also freed me from the guilt I carried from the un-met expectations I held against her - as well as expectations perceived upon me.
    — Teresa Cueller, Atlanta, GA
  • MaD Miracles has transformed my life! I have gotten clear on my intentions. I have given myself permission to look into the mirror and to like what I see and to love where I am going. Magically MaDnificent!
    — Lady Dana Austin
  • Being part of the MaD Miracle community has reinforced my use of tools to strengthen my journey in life. My most favorite tool is remembering to stay in place of gratitude. Thank you MaD Miracles.
    — Cheryl Sessoms